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Best Practice Show - Birmingham October OFFER

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QOF Dashboard & £500 of QOF Income

Coding errors might be costing your practice £10,000s. Find out if your practice is affected with our free dashboard

Find missing patients

Unrecognised snomed codes, episode errors and other clinical coding issues, will mean your practice is missing patients from your QOF registers, costing your practice £10,000s


Reduce uncompensated work

Annual reviews, BP readings, HbA1cs and other indicators. Many patients that are missing from the register will already be achieving their indicators; not only are you missing income from the reduced prevalence, but you will also be missing the associated points


Completely Free

Get patient searches run and dashboard access free of charge. Once we have a signed data processing agreement we will provide you access to your dashboard within 5 working days. For more info, book in a call with our team to discuss below.

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