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Our Story

Shine Clinical was founded by a lead clinical pharmacist and a software developer with a passion for how data can be used to enhance clinical work performed in the primary care sector.
We wanted to build tools to enable clinicians within primary care to manage their increasing workload of clinical and administrative tasks more efficiently. We had been very impressed with the various tools and applications that have sprung up in primary care in the last few years, however, we are certain there are still key areas which need to be addressed. We approached and offered our services to a group of initial practices, and what became rapidly apparent is that these practices did not just need another tool, they needed clinical and administrative resources to help with the workload. As one practice manager put it “A new improved spade is great, but right now we really need help with the digging”.
We now provide not only the tools to help primary care increase efficiency but also the clinical expertise and resources to help GP practices with obtaining missed QOF income they rightly deserve. GPs can now delegate workload to Shine QOF experts who will screen 100% of your patients identified in your searches and help you unlock £1000s in missed income. 


Who We Are

We wouldn’t be able to take Shine Clinical to the next level without our incredible team of entrepreneurs who collaborate together to make each project come to life. Our staff runs like a well-oiled machine, offering all of our clients a smart and useful products aimed at making their lives better. Read below to learn more about the Shine Clinical team.


Ben Hardman

Technical Director

With 10 years experience in healthcare IT within primary care, Ben is an expert at the design of data applications, data extractions, and the required data funnels to securely access and transform the data into meaningful and actionable insights.

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Faiza Rafique

Clinical Director

Strong healthcare services professional with a Pharmacist background and a proven track record of ensuring quality care in both patients and clients.

Skilled in Pharmacy Practice, Consulting, Medicines Optimisation and Clinical Pharmacy, managing a variety of acute and long term conditions.

Faiza has over 8 years experience working within primary care and the pharmaceutical industry, including the delivery of education and training to other healthcare professionals, innovation and service development.


Dilesh Anand

Sales Director

Dilesh Anand, is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over 10 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. He is skilled at developing the right action plan for each of his accounts unique needs and, committed to providing the best solutions which allow healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions.

Confident Businesswoman


Clinical Pharmacist (Fully Remote)

Full Time

Primary Care Sales Consultant


Contact: to find out more

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