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We will increase your practice income by £1000s

Find out more below, or book a call:


What You Need to Know

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide users with exceptional service, we’re here to answer all your questions. Since 2000, Shine Clinical has been offering users a unique technological experience. We’ve listed our most frequently asked questions below. However, if you still have something on your mind, do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • How much GP time will this take?
    Zero time to generate the FREE dashboard. If the practice would like to proceed with our screening service, the cohorts can be authorised by a GP in a short digital meeting (Max 1h).
  • We already use a competitor, why would we pay for two?
    As we only charge based on the income increase, if all the eligible patients are already on the register, we won't charge a penny! So why not get us to generate a FREE dashboard so you can see the additional patients we can find.
  • Won't this increase practice workload?
    Yes, patients that are not on your registers will now require their relevant indicator achievement criteria to be met, which could increase practice workload. However we find that many practices are already achieving these indicators for patients and just not being credited due to these patients being missed from registers. Some practices have carried out annual reviews on 50+ patients that were not on their relevant registers! We also work with practices to tailor our approach, it could be that your practice only wants us to screen patients that don't require practice intervention, such as the Osteoporosis domain.
  • How much does the service cost?
    We will run searches and generate a dashboard for free. If the practice wants to proceed with screening, our costs are based on the amount of income generated. We charge an estimated 50-66% of QOF income uplift as a one-off cost after the work is completed. This would be an uplift for future years as long as the new patients added are still registered to your practice.
  • Why would a patient be missing from our QOF domain registers?
    There are various reasons why a patient may be missing from a QOF domain. The most common are: Snomed Codes not recognised by QOF, no "First/New" Episode Code, incorrect Resolved Codes. We can provide training around this to practices and PCNs if you would like a better understanding
  • Will we be left with 1000s of patients to screen?
    No. We will screen and code correct all the patients that the GP gives us authorisation to do so.
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