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QOF Dashboard


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Shine Clinical is the only QOF Prevalence service provider with a full QOF patient finding service. We don't leave the practice with 1000s patients to screen, instead our QOF experts will painstakingly check each patient record for missing codes and coding mistakes. Using cutting-edge technologies and highly trained staff, we offer a scalable solution for practices & PCNs of all sizes. We have recovered £100,000s of missing QOF income due to low prevalence. Why not join our fast growing client base? Get in touch today to learn more. Or see what you are missing with our free QOF dashboard.


Easy. Fast. Secure. And..

  1. QOF expertise. As a new provider, 90% of practices we have worked with has already used or is using another QOF prevalence service, yet we still find £1,000s in missed income.

  2. Realistic QOF uplift. Other providers will show you a huge uplift in missing QOF income which you may pay upfront for. In reality after your GP screens the patients identified  you will not get that uplift. We give a realistic view on how much we can increase your QOF income with complete transparency.

  3. Time saving. We don't require hours/days of GP time. Shine Clinical QOF experts will thoroughly screen 100% of the patients identified in our searches saving you months of administrative work.

  4. Minimal disruption. All stages of our QOF service will be conducted remotely minimising any disruption to your day-to-day practice responsibilities.

  5. Pay for results. We don't charge for the searches or the dashboard, we only charge for patients added to registers. If we don't add a single patient, you don't pay a penny... we take on that risk, so you have nothing to lose!

  6. Full visibility. With access to your live QOF dashboard, you can authorise and track screening in real-time. Notifying you if any high-risk patients are found.

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